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Skin Care

An hour-long treatment that is customizable at each step for any skin type!

Start with a hot steam treatment that relaxes you and opens the pores.

Hot towels are used between steps to continue the ultimate relaxation and clean product from your skin.

A double cleanse leaves the skin clean and prepped.

Scrub is used next in order to smooth and gently exfoliate the skin.

Toner spray is misted lightly to soothe your skin.

Massage begins on the shoulders, décolletage and neck and then up to the face.

A custom mask is applied and left on for ten minutes.

While it sits on, enjoy a foot or hand massage!

Once the mask is removed with a hot towel - finishing product is applied so you leave with your skin looking as amazing as you feel!

For finishing product I apply undereye cream, lip hydrating serum, spf, recovery serum, and, last but not least, a moisturizer.

custom $75
anti-aging $85

This facial includes all the steps that the custom facial includes as well as some crucial additions. Collagen Rehab is used for the mask. A plant based mask that uses amino acids to support collagen and elasticity performance. Recovery Serum is applied in addition to other finishing products to improve hydration and texture. It leaves your skin looking firmer and feeling younger!

extractions $10

 An add on service during a facial. The process of clearing clogged or compacted pores. The number of extractions necessary varies by person and by facial. Hot steam, hot towels and facial cleansing product prior to extracting helps prepare the skin to achieve the best results. You might notice some redness caused from this.

Add-on Services

high frequency $10

 High frequency current is an add on service during a facial. It is an alternating Tesla current. It is administered using a glass electrode either directly or indirectly to the surface of the skin. It can be used to help acneaic, oily or aging skin. It can also be used for a subtle and stimulating massage. Argon and neon gases are used independently in the electrodes to create different benefits leaving your skin feeling and looking better.

Some great reasons why I use Bioelements products for my facials -

  • Never animal tested.

  • Custom blending makes it easy to personalize for each client.

  • Free of phthalates*, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, fragrance, and dyes.

  • Proven to provide results

 *Phthalates are a family of chemical compounds used to make polyvinyl chloride PVC, or viny, flexible and pliant. Phthlalates are one of the most commonly used plasticizers in the world.

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