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Lip*           15

Brows*       20

Chin*        20

Underarms  50

Bikini        60

Lower Legs  60

Full Legs    80

Brazilian   110

  • Gently exfoliate a few days prior to your wax in order to remove dead skin cells.

  • Grow your hair out. 1/4 inch length is ideal. Rhi-sist that urge to shave in between waxes!

  • If you have a low pain tolerance you may take a tylenol prior to your wax service.

  • For 48 hours do not sunbathe, hot tub, or exfoliate.

  • Avoid tight clothing.

  • Aloe can be applied to reduce redness and irritation.

  • Schedule your next appointment in order to maintain your personal waxing schedule for the best results.

Fun Facts: Know your wax!

Hard & Soft wax are both efficient methods for removing body and facial hair. Here is some information to help understand the difference between the methods of hair removal I offer:

Soft wax, also known as strip wax, is applied to the body in a thin layer and removed with a cloth strip. This is best suited for large areas like the legs and arms. Hard wax is applied thicker and does not require a strip for removal. It is removed directly, once it has cooled and becomes firm. Hard wax can be a better option for sensitive areas or areas where hair grows in multiple directions.

*Indicates an Add-On Service

ALL services, add-on services, and packages must be scheduled prior to your appointment! This allows appropriate time to provide you with the best experience!

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