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Luxe-rhi Manicure

Luxe-rhi Pedicure

Custom Facial

Chemical  Peel

Chemical Peel w/ Facial

Lower Leg Wax

Full Leg Wax










*Indicates an Add-On Service
ALL services, add-on services, and packages must be scheduled prior to your appointment! This allows appropriate time to provide you with
the best experience!












Gel Polish*

Gel Strengthener*

Gel Removal*

Nail Art*

Minnie Manicure*

Minnie Pedicure*

Hand Treatment*

Foot Treatment*

Brow Wax*

Chin Wax*

Lip Wax*

Luxe-rhi Experience  $260

Indulge in the finer things. Three and a half hours of pampered bliss as you experience the Luxe Manicure, Luxe Pedicure, and Custom Facial. It leaves you soft from the tip of your toes to the tip of your nose. The only hard thing about this treatment is getting up at the end!

Bride & Partner  $200

Sit back, sip up and leave feeling rhi-reshed.
A Luxe-rhi Pedicure and the Manicure for the bride and a minnie manicure and minnie pedicure for the partner.

Party of 4  $210

Make memories with your mates.
Choose from either a manicure or pedicure for each you!

These prices are listed as a stationary technician.
If you wish for me to travel to your location, please rhi-fer to

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